Golfing at the Country Club

The Clarksville Country Club is highly known for its beautiful 9-hole golf course. The golf course is close to all those in the Ozark, Russelville and Clarksville, Arkansas area. It is neatly kept and often maintained. Whether you golf to relieve stress or are looking for a new hobby, this is the place to do it! Our course is a perfect place to enjoy a day with friends or even complete a business deal. A good round of golf can do wonders on your life. Furthermore, we take great pride in providing a completely relaxing environment for your day of golf. Come see us today to see the difference we offer.

What Golf Can Do For Your Life

Golf is a social event - Getting to connect with friends on the golf course stimulates serotonin in the brain causing happiness.

Exercise - Golf, though it may not seem like it, is a demanding sport. You can actually burn several calories during a game of golf.

Nature - Golf gets you outside in the natural air. Being outside is actually proven to have great side effects on your body.

Improved Sleep - The exercise that golf requires and the brain activity that golf demands will definitely wear you out.

Brain Stimulation - During golf, the brain must calculate several equations in order to know where the ball will go. This brain stimulation will ultimately create better memory circuits.

GREEN FEE PLAYERS for $20.00 per round
TWILIGHT FEES (Summer Hours after 4pm. Winter Hours after 2 pm) $15 per round