The Clarksville Country Club proudly serves the residents of Johnson County including Ozark, Russelville and Clarksville, Arkansas! We love getting to see your bright and shiny faces year round. That is why we want to offer you a membership package that is suitable for your needs. In addition, we know that everyone is different and everyone has different hobbies. That is why we offer a few different memberships options. Listed below are our membership packages and brief description of what each package offers. We hope that you can find the right one for you. Furthermore, if you are not exactly sure what you are looking for, call us today and we can help! Our goal here is to offer you a great place to be able to come after a long hard day at work or school. From our golf course to our restaurant, you won’t be disappointed here. Our lovely team is ready to serve you in any way we can. Check out our packages below and call us today with any questions!

Full Membership

This membership offers its members unlimited golf, pool and clubhouse use for immediate family members. This is our most chosen membership. Additionally, the full package makes everyone in the family happy. There is a one time initiation fee of $150.00. Please contact us today for further pricing.

Distance Membership

This membership offers full access to unlimited golf, pool, and clubhouse use for immediate family members. Furthermore, this membership is exclusive for individuals who reside thirty miles or more from Clarksville. For information on pricing contact us today!

Junior Membership

Our Junior membership offers individuals aged 21-35 unlimited gold, pool, and clubhouse use! This option is great for young adults. Call us today for pricing information. Additionally, we have a full time students membership option for students ages 12-25. Again, call us today for pricing!

Social Membership

This membership allows its members to have unlimited access to our pool and clubhouse for immediate family members. Moreover, this is a great package option for those who love having a place to get together, but could do without the golfing. Call us today for pricing information.